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Willow Vale Studios offers an exciting range of photography courses to bring your skills to exciting new levels. Each course lasts 4 hours and includes personal tuition and technical notes and tools.


James has 30 years experience of teaching and endorsments from his students:


"James is an excellent teacher who clearly knows his stuff. He has an inspiring and unique style and brings the subject to life. He is also kind and very patient, and I would highly recommend him."   -- Kelly Green


To book your place on one of our courses, please visit our online shop, here, and choose the course to suit you.

Digital Photography 1

13 June 10am - 2pm, Willow Vale Studios, Frome. £60.00

Learn the tricks of the trade, and the skills you need to take great photographs. Learn techniques, camera settings and the digital darkroom, and leave with the confidence and ability to make you a real photographer. This course is for entry level photographers.

Parents and Children

If you live with your children, you won't see them change from day to day. Learn how to use your camera with simple props and lighting to capture great memories of your children at any time, inside and out in the world.

Bring your child to our studio or let us come to your home.

16 June 10am - 2pm, Willow Vale Studios, Frome. £60.00

Photographic Lighting

Light is essential to photography. Learn how to optimise camera flash, natural light and accessories to make amazing photographs. Use studio flash, backgrounds, tripods and reflectors to enhance your lighting for portraits, interior and top quality photography.

13 June 3 - 7pm, Willow Vale Studios, Frome. £60.00

Photo Diary

16 June 3-7pm, Willow Vale Studios, Frome. £60.00

Learn the power of making a personal photo diary of yourself.

Bring your stories, ideas, dreams, props and clothes to the studio; things that represent who you really are. Photograph different parts of your life.

Create a series of self portraits and start your own photo diary.

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